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x.509 PKI


X.509 based public key infrastructures (PKI) can give a lot of opportunities for an organization. However designing, implementation and management requires planning to avoid time consuming and expensive mistakes.


With a long experience eID Consult can help ensure that all all important aspects of building a PKI are addressed and meet the business goals.

This includes:​

  • Determine the required security level

  • Designing a practical PKI hierarchy

  • Determine the content of the certificates

  • Determine the required services including CRL and OCSP

and most important:

  • Defining adequate certificate policies (CP) and a certificate practice statement (CPS)

eID regulation


In EU and Denmark the regulation of electronic identity and electronic signatures has matured over time.

eID Consult can help your organization with knowledge on how to ensure compliance and take advance of laws, policies and standards.

eID Consult has deep knowledge on:

  • eIDAS

  • Danish laws supplementing eIDAS

  • implementing regulations from EU Commission supporting eIDAS

  • Danish National Standard of Identities Security level (NSIS)

  • European standards (ETSI and CEN) supporting eIDAS



Privacy protection is gaining focus as we digitize larger parts of our lives. Therefore, when the organization collects and processes user data, one should always consider the handling of user data. In this context, data is considered in the broadest sense, including metadata. User control and transparency must be key.

With both theoretical and practical background, eID Consult can assist in building a structured approach to privacy management with users in focus and thus in the long term save the organization for expensive and complicated adjustments of systems and organizational processes.


Depending on your needs and level of ambition, eID Consult can offer assistance from formulating operational privacy statements and privacy policies to implementing "Privacy by design" processes and Privacy Impact Assesments. eID Consult can also contribute with proposals for organizational foundation of responsibility for privacy protection.



As our daily lives move online, there will be an increased focus on electronic identities (eID) and privacy (privacy). Data that does not in itself necessarily compromise a user can be compared to other data and give an undesirable profile. Therefore, it is essential to focus on security and privacy as an integral part of development and operation.

eID Consult can deliver targeted presentations to your organization, which can, for example, be part of a kick-off for eID or privacy projects or as part of an awareness campaign.

In addition, eID Consult can offer presentations that address specific topics within PKI, eID and privacy. Examples include:

  • PKI implementation for dummies - get started and avoid the costly mistakes

  • EU regulation on eID and trust services

  • Is TLS dead?

  • Attribute based credentials

The presentations will be delivered in an informal tone focusing on interaction with the audience.

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