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Peter Lind Damkjær

Throughout his professional life, Peter has worked with encryption and electronic identity and has implemented a number of large scale Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) for organizations like KMD, TDC and Nets DanID. Peter has been deeply involved in PKI and eID solutions ranging from pilot projects with digital signature in the late 1990s to NemID and NemLog-in. Peter has a technical background with deep insight into the underlying certificate technology and understands how to translate this into a business-oriented application. Peter holds a CISSP.


In recent years, Peter has had a special focus on privacy, privacy protection, including defining and implementing Nets DanID's privacy policy. Peter holds a number of privacy certifications (FIP, CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT) from IAPP.

Peter is familiar with communicating technically complex issues for all target groups in the organization - including employees with no technical background.

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